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    1. 1.1 Overview
      • Spend more time on road, and less time off with HINO
      • The best way you can ensure your business is always up and running is to insist on Hino Genuine parts
      • HINO genuine parts are engineering for HINO truck are matched to the requirement and components of the engine. If you are not using HINO genuine parts, you are mot maximizing your vehicle’s potential.


    2. 1.2 HINO engine oil
      • HINO engine oil. Change interval up to 20,00km. Protection you can rely on HINO genuine oil
      • Developed in partnership with Idemisu Lubricants Japan. Co LTD, and combining high performance synthetics with Hino’s proprietary (high TBN and low ash) additive chemistry, Hino Genuine Oil greatly extends conventional service intervals and extends time-to-engine-rebuild and equipment life.
      • Hino Genuine Oil provides extended drain intervals (up to 20,000 km), superior performance and protection for your engine, enhanced component and equipment life, lower maintenance costs and increased profitability. Period.


    Model 700 series 500 series 300 series
    Engine type E13C, P11C (SS2P) P11C (FM2P),J08E, J05E N04C, W04D
    Type of operation details Type I 20.000 km 15.000 km 15.000 km
    Type II 30.000 km 20.000 km 20.000 km
    Type 1 Type 2
    1. Un-paved road.

    2. Dusty road.

    3. Heavy duty truck in long distance transport.

    4. Mountains road operation.

    5. Short-haul distribution operations.

    6. Construction vehicles (there is no defined road)

    7. Light duty truck in city road.

    8. Total monthly mileage ups to 15.000 km.

    1. Light duty truck with long distance transport.

    2. Mainly on expressways and express highways.

    3. Total monthly mileage is over 15.000 km.

    4. Paved and flat road.


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