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Your vehicle is covered under the terms and conditions of the warranty stated in this Web site and the dealer will supply warranty service in accordance with the warranty terms and condition.


Customers can print the form here warranty including the warranty registration for receiving warranty service, service coupons for free 1000km and 5000km inspections, and the maintenance record of those inspection.

Customers can view information about HINO’s network services here.

During the operation, some parts/accessories are worn or damage (Depending on time). If you have no appropriate maintenance, your car will be unsafe. To ensure that each parts and the car have best operation, to prevent vehicle failure on road and extend vehicle life leading to save vehicle operation cost. Your vehicles need to be inspected and periodic maintenance.

Now, HMV supply to customer Express Maintenance. With Express Maintenance, customers will more satisfaction because the time waiting reduce. Customer books via phone call, the maintenance station collects the information of customer, the status of the vehicle and the service request. According to the available information, the station for the request or suggests suitable time with customer. Customer will able to determine the time that vehicle being out of operation.

Express Maintenance provides accurate and high quality work because operating by standard work procedure. Customer will be able to clarify the price that customer pays for the service work to dealer by menu.

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