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     With nearly 25 years of development in Vietnam market, Hino Motors Vietnam (HMV) is proud to not only provide high quality truck and bus products that meet Japanese standards but also implement many after-sale services in order to take care of our customers and Hino’s products in a thoughtful and dedicated manner.



     During the operation, some parts/accessories are worn or damage (depending on time). Without proper inspection and maintenance, your vehicle will likely become unsafe. To ensure each component in particular and your truck in general are always operated well, to minimize the risk of vehicle damage in the middle of the road and extend the life of the vehicle, help you save Operating costs to maximize profits, your truck needs to be checked and maintained periodically. Especially for newly released vehicles, need to be inspected and maintained according to the time of 5,000 km, 20,000 km, 30,000 Km, 40,000 km, 60,000 km (depending on the model of vehicle) to ensure the vehicle is checked and calibrated in the first operating milometers to help the truck have high durability and stable operation to help you feel secure on every journey.


With each new Hino vehicle purchased, you will enjoy free maintenance, specifically as follows:

1. Maintenance location

  • – At all HINO authorized dealers nationwide
  • – When taking the vehicle to the station for free maintenance, customers need to present the free maintenance coupons delivered with the vehicle.


2. Content and duration of the program

    • – Free of all the spare parts for maintenance work
    • – Free lubricants and replacement grease
    • – Free labor for inspection and maintenance
    • – Applicable for 18 months from the date of delivery to the customer.

Maintenance items:



  • – Vehicle repair or accident repair work is not covered by this program
  • – Vehicles that do not perform the first 5,000 km of free maintenance will not be eligible for the warranty and subsequent free maintenance.

 3. Maintenance times:



  • – Each maintenance content will correspond to the actual Km number of the vehicle. If the vehicle’s Km exceeds the specified Km, the free maintenance coupon will be invalid.
  • – For example: If the actual Km number of the vehicle is 7,502 km but the vehicle has not yet been brought to an authorized HINO service station to perform maintenance of 5,000 Km content, the 5,000 Km voucher is no longer valid and not entitled to This free maintenance content.



     In addition to the free maintenance program, HMV now provides customers with Express Maintenance that applies to all Hino products. With Express Maintenance service will help customers more satisfied when the waiting time for the truck is reduced. For customers who book a reservation by phone, the service center will collect detailed information about the customer, the vehicle status and service requirements, thereby determining the exact time of appointment to bring the vehicle to warranty or advise customers the appropriate time. As such, customers can determine the vehicle downtime for maintenance and repair.

     Express Maintenance provides high quality, accurate service due to performance based on standard Workflow. Customers can specify the fee to pay for the service of the dealer according to the menu for financial initiative and optimal time control.

     Always striving to become the “Reliable Business Partner” of customers on all roads, Hino has been constantly trying to provide diverse line of products and services suitable for needs of all Vietnamese customers.

     For more details or to schedule a service, please contact the nearest authorized Hino dealer. List of dealers at:,

     Or contact our Technical Support hotline: 18009280 ext 1



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