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Eco Driving is part of the overall support program organized by Hino Motors Vietnam in conjunction with the 3S Dealer network. The program focuses on guiding drivers to drive safer and more fuel-efficient driving techniques on every road. Through this activity, Hino Motors Vietnam wishes to better support to the business of customers who have chosen Hino and affirms Hino is always customers’ reliable business partner.

Following the success of the program held in Ho Chi Minh City in October, the program continued to take place at the 4th Military Corp Stadium at Binh Duong on November 28 and November 29 with main activities are as follows.

  1. Technical instructions for driving safely – saving fuel.
  2. Practical guide to daily vehicle inspection on the vehicle.
  3. Practice test on the road.
  4. Introducing and answering questions about Hino Genuine Parts.
  5. Answer the driver’s questions.
  6. Other activities: experiencing the reality of the importance of wearing seat belts, the dangers of using alcohol when participating in traffic, playing the minigame “Check in FB & Zalo, sharing and receiving gifts”.

Event on Nov 28th
Event on Nov 29th

After applying the skills shared by Hino, fuel consumption in the standard program conditions improved significantly, with an average reduction of 11.1% for the Hino 300 Series, 13.05%  for the Hino 500 Series. The results recorded directly by the customers themselves have proved the positive benefits that Customer Trucke Event – Safety Driving & Fuel Saving Training brings to customers.

At the event, Mr. Hoang Thanh, from Anh Son Company, shared: “My company operates in the transport sector. Currently I manage a team of more than 50 vehicles, most of them Hino trucks. Up to now, I have driven nearly all of Hino’s models, except for the tractor Hino 700 Series. Hino looks very luxurious, the machine is durable, and saves fuel. Through today’s session, I have gained a lot of useful knowledge, firstly about how to manage a truck, and secondly how to well drive. Hino experts share with me many tips on safe driving and fuel saving. For example, when about to stop, be careful not to return MO, otherwise it will consume more fuel. I am very impressed. I will definitely apply this knowledge myself and will also share it with my friends. “

Not only giving very straightforward comments on the program, the drivers also enlisted “confide” with Hino about the trucks they used to drive, interesting stories in the journey.

Mr. Tran Quoc Minh, DHL Vietnam Transport Supply Chain Joint Stock Company, said: “I am the captain of a fleet of more than 30 vehicles with about 50% of which are 15-ton Hino vehicles. Calculated, I have been driving since the beginning of 2004, now it has been more than a decade. In my opinion, you have to be in this job, drive for a long time, drive a lot of trucks to understand why so many people like Hino. The Hino is very strong, compared to other brands, the trucks runs well, so it rarely has to worry about it.”

Mr. Truong Phong Dan, Phu Loi Trading & Service Cooperative: “I have driven many cars for many years, from Korean to Japanese. In general, Japanese trucks are good, Japanese brands are always at the top. However, vehicle condition also depends on usage. My company works in the field of Environment, very harsh, so I need a truck with good stamina, less breakdowns so that less repair is required. The trucks that I used in the past are mostly damaged for no reason because they cannot bear the hard work, exceeding their capacity. For example, it is normal for someone to run an hour for 50-70km, and for an average of several hundred kilometers a day. We are different, one day we run only 100km, but it takes nearly 20 hours because of a particular job, very harsh, unlike other professions on the market, not every truck can meet this need. But Hino can do that, so we chose Hino. “


Following the success of the Eco Driving program in Ho Chi Minh and Binh Duong, Hino Motors Vietnam plans to launch the next training course at the early of Jannuary. Let’s look forward to it!

Nice pics of the event:

The drivers who attended were checked the temperature, washed their hands with dry hand sanitizer and received a free medical mask.
Safe and fuel-efficient driving theory training
Practice with trucks
Play the minigame Check in, Share, and Receive gifts from Hino
Be aware of the dangers of using alcohol in traffic
Experience the importance of wearing a seat belt
Introducing and answering questions about Hino Genuine Parts
Guide to daily truck inspection





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