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With the purpose of optimizing usability, extending the life of the vehicle, bringing maximum value and maximum benefit to Hino’s customers with the best services, the highest quality genuine components and at the same time reinforce the trust of customers for Hino – a truck brand from Japan, Hino Motors Vietnam launches the promotion program “Aged vehicle Refreshment”.

Program content: Discount 15% for 11 system parts:

  1. The set of post latches on the girder
  2. Dust cover set of vertical pole boot
  3. Tweezers pin set
  4. Set of roller bearings
  5. Set of cross-ball bearings for posting
  6. Brake system
  7. Clutch system
  8. Engine cooling system
  9. Engine details
  10. Steering system
  11. Electrical system

Conditions apply:

  • Apply at all Hino Authorized Dealers nationwide.
  • The program will start on Apr 01st 2020 to Sep 30th 2020 or until HMV supported budget for this program run out (depends on which conditions come first).

Implemented Object:

Hino vehicles meet all of the following criteria:

  • Operated for more than 3 years (counting from the date of warranty registration on the DASSM system)
  • Vehicles using the service of Hino Dealers (including mobile service)
  • Belonging to 1 of 6 models assembled in Vietnam: WU, XZU, FC, FG, FL, FM (except FM1JLUA and FC11)

For more details about the program, please contact the nearest Hino dealer:

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