1. Use appropriate vehicles
    If more cargo in a time of economic efficiency will be higher (If we carry more goods (if can possible) by one time, economic efficiency will be higher).
    Vehicles with big load (payload) if loading a small volume (mass), low economic efficiency. If carrying little by vehicles with big load, low transport efficiency and higher fuel costs. Using the vehicles in accordance with the conditions of transports (in accordance with the carrying capacity of the vehicles).
    The vehicle equip (equipped) with TI engine will lower fuel costs and have high economic value than conventional engine for about 15%

    The cost of fuel for the engine system equipped with four valves lower than engine equipped with two valves about 5%.
  2. Use transmission
    Let’s use high gear to reduce fuel consumption.When using high gear, fuel costs decreased by 10% compared to using low gear. If engine operation at high rpm (revolution) for a long time, the life of the engine will be shortened. Let’s choose the appropriate transmission ratio in the green zone when the engine is running.
  3. Choosing a tire car
    Use vehicle with radius tire will save fuel costs and decreased by about 10% compared to bias tire.
  4. Shape and aerodynamics of the vehicle
    When vehicle high speed will increased wind resistance, fuel consumption will reduce if vehicle is equipped with aerodynamic cap.
  5. Do not let the engine operating when the vehicle is parking.
    Let’s turn off the engine when the vehicle stop or while waiting for loading and unloading the goods. When necessary for engine idling after starting or stopping the vehicle for a minute.
  6. If you know how to save, we would save 3 hours operation per day.
    With engine have capacity 12.8 L, fuel consumption about 1.3 L per hour.
    If you work 25 days / month, 70 L fuel savings.
    –   With vehicle 12L, saving 1170L/year equivalent to 8,775,000 VND.
    –   With vehicle 20L, saving 1800L/year equivalent to 13,500,000 VND.
  7. Starting and Accelerate slowly
    The critical to save fuel when driving, never accelerate too quickly Do not step into the accelerator pedal 80% for HDV 50% for MDV Always change shift gear to engine speed at Green zone
    RPM at Green zone of engine
    –    K13C(L6TI) 800 ˜ 1600 v/p
    –    F21C(V8NA) 900 ˜ 1700 v/p
    –    J08C(L6NA) 1000 ˜ 1200 v/p
  8. Maintence the engine speed at Green zone, driving with consistent stability speed
    Attention when you choose saving fuel consumption mode
    –   Maintence the engine speed at Green zone
    –   Avoid sudden acceleration
    Change shift gear approciate to reduce fuel consumption.
  9. Fuel consumption comparison when using transmission
    10% difference in Fuel Consumption per 1 Gear shift.
  10. Driving unstable
    Depress accel pedal, the fuel consumption will increase
    Reduce speed it mean brake
  11. Driving with accel pedal unstable
    When driver depress the accel pedal with different each time, the fuel consumption will change about 10%. Example, fuel consumption when vehicle at stable speed 80km/h about 3.6 km/L and at unstable speed about 3.6 km/L
  12. Choose speed at highway.
    Wind resistance will high when the vehicle operate in highway
    Example, when the vehicle speed at speed 80 km/h to 120 km/h, the max power about 188.26 kw (120PS).
    The result fuel consumption increase about 7 ~ 8% when speed increase 10 km/h.
  13. Comparetition fuel consumption:
  14. Daily Maintenance and Check will Keep you running on Low Fuel
    Periodically clean air cleaner.
    The fuel consumption will high increase if air filter clogged so clean or replace air filter when dust indicator warning lamp is on. It will decrease approximately 3% fuel efficiency using clogged air filter.
  15. Periodically change engine oil.
    1 to 2 % decrease in fuel efficiency if you use dirty oil. It will also shortens the engine’s life time.
    Tire pressure following regulation or not?
  16. Control process driving (effiction driving)

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