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When you drive, be sure to keep in mind that you face many potential hazards on the road.

In this issue, we would like to discuss the potential hazards on a road that has no sidewalks or by walks.

Let’s assume that you’re driving a truck on a two-lane road, and there is a non-stop stream of oncoming traffic. On the left side of the road, you see a motorcycle traveling in the same direction as you are. In front of the motorcycle, there is a pedestrian walking at a leisurely pace, and you also see the front end of a car coming out of a blind intersection to the front and left of you. What do you think some of the potential hazards are in this situation?

The pedestrian has stopped walking because she has seen a car coming out of the intersection. To get past the pedestrian, the motorcycle rider behind her may veer toward the center of the roadway without checking over his shoulder.

If the motorcycle suddenly swerves out from the edge of the road toward the center, and all you can do to avoid him is quickly turn your steering wheel, you may run the risk of turning the wheel too much and swerving into the oncoming traffic lane. If that happens, a head-on collision becomes a real possibility.

Evasive action using excessively abrupt steering maneuvers can cause you to unbalance your vehicle, and in the worst case, lose control. Always keep in mind to drive your vehicle at a safe speed so you can reduce hazards without any abrupt steering maneuvers or braking.

In the case above, you should first anticipate that the motorcycle might suddenly come out in front of you and lower your speed accordingly. You will then be able to respond calmly.

Therefore, remember: good control of speed and always focus when driving.

Source: Hino Cares Vol. 28

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