HINO 500 Series Manual Guide

1. How to get on to the cabin:
Action on the cabin: Open the driver’s door – places to observe and handrails down the sides of the cabin layout to use to climb the cabin (as opposed to manipulation to manipulate up, pay attention: The direction inside cabin)

2. Seat, safety belt, steering position and Mirror adjustment
– Adjustable Seats 4 directions, up front and on the back (bottom Arranging chairs), leaning up and down (left seat layout) (air seat is equipped, for cars, FG, FL , FM,) belt is arranged above the left seat, straps pharmaceutical faculty positions arranged at the bottom right of the seat (on the side seats are equipped with seat belts)
– Steering wheel steering 4-way adjustable: high, low, reclining front and rear, (vi open locked position adjustment in the left steering wheel located below the steering column) 
– Mirrors adjusted manually depending on visibility and stature unmanned strike

3. Meter dash board, warning light, air pressure, engine temperature, fuel level

When the key in the ON position, all the lights will light up. (Including handbrake lights batteries
– Oil pressure alarm
– Turtle light  : 
– Or rabbit light    for vehicles have zf eaton transmission:, motor indicator check engine light exhaust brake
Compressed air pressure must outside the red zone.attention not allow operation the truck when air pressure is low due to the brakes will not function normally. 
When the car moves on the road all the warning lights off
Where the warning lamp lights up during operation of the car, stop check or inform the nearest dealer consulting
Image 1 of lights commonly used on the dash: braking lights: – Lamps lock bridge (differential):  
steam pressure indicator light: 
Location spending needs are arranged table opposite side chair accessories
Button adjustment hand terminal is arranged on the right side near the bottom drivers cigarette lighter,
Why position on the right side near the cylinder dash steering wheel control buttons as follows – button (ECO RUN): used when running on fuel saving mode – button (Chek): used when checking operation braking system
Switches bottom right side of the steering wheel controls for the device: the engine won (trophy potty) has 3 modes, priority lights (Haza), wiper, windshield washer fluid pump
Switches bottom left side steering wheel controls for the devices: all kinds of lights, and the lights turn
In the middle of the steering wheel buttons trumpet Two side by side on the wing with lifting controls the glass, glass door lock and key

4. Start and stop the engine.
– Do not start the vehicle or accelerate the engine just after start the engine, because the lublication in the engine is still not enough
– Do not stop the engine right after the operation especially with turbo charger engine to have cooling down with engine oil.
– Keep for a while with idling condition to warm up or cool down the engine for long life of the engine
– Explain about coolant temperature gauge. Do not operate at read zone. Keep slightly higher idling and do not turn off the engine immediately.

5. Engine brake (Exhaust brake )
The use of the exhaust brake helps minimize wear brake and safety for brakes system, helping shorter braking distances

Use exhaust brake will reduce fuel consumption, (by vehicle use electronic fuel injection should the system will stop the fuel injection when the exhaust brake operation)

6. When running on highways, maintain the engine rpm in green to save on fuel consumption

7. Clutch operation
Do not put foot on clutch pedal during running. Clutch booster will operate if you put your foot on the pedal even just push down the pedal a little
Be aware for clutch pedal play to prevent half clutch operation.
It is needed to check and adjust the pedal free play as increasing wear of the clutch disc.(Criteria for freedom journey: 52mm-65mm)

8. How to operation eaton transmission (FL& FM)
– Explanation of the gearbox as follows: – This is the Eaton gearbox, with 2 floors of. The slow and fast (Turtle and the rabbit), on the shift lever 1 switches used to perform the work shift and indicator will display on the dash panel or rabbit shaped turtle – When booting to austerity (Recommended three) is always in position and hand shaped turtle in position number 1 {note: if other uses of departure follows this gearbox will have some bounce phenomenon (jumb gear), the clutch is very perishable}
– The shift from slow to fast numbers (Turtle to rabbit): floor switches are made while still in the hands of the gear, when the shift lever is moved to the work position neutral from Slow to Fast forward a new floor is made, (a similar operation in the transition from Fast floors Slow floor (due to the cap on the gearbox controls 1 safety valve to accomplish this)
Floor structure motion control (slow, Quick) is driven by compressed air,
Control gear shifting is controlled mechanical (cable)
NOTE Secretarial wrong driver guide may be damaged gearbox and jammed gear.

9. Instructions devices mounted on vehicles
Place the lid front bonnet is arranged on the left side, below the steering cylinder (open by pulling bared behind), the lid is opened up when Cabo unlocked front Cabo
Ordering the device side front of the car include: water coolers, oil tank clutch booster, brake valve slightly cardboard (win), wiper motor controllers, trumpets area, visit viscous size, location magnet motor oil, cabin air filter, wire master box, water bottle washer, lock opening lift cabin
Region includes the right vehicle: the engine air filter, air filter dirty alarm button, fuse boxes total, regional boiler, air preheater , batteries, need to open Khao hook, drag wheels
Rear area: driving light system later, number plate light, back light and siren, spare wheel
Left area include: primary fuel filter levels (crude), the main fuel tank, fuel level warning sensor, instructions on how to close and open the fuel tank cap (the upward up when in closed position), power steering oil tank, water work the main cooling

10. How to tilt the cab and intruction under the cab

Before lifting and lowering the front cabin to observe any obstructions, the wheel must be safe farming (CABIN INCREASE chanting)
Hands open rear cabin latch then push the lock up agreement hand next to the zips on off key then lift the cabin up to the limit position
Use safety latches lock preferred hand > then indication devices include: placement Secondary fuel filter (fine), Area hand position when the fuel pump should exhaust ventilation (E), the location of wind discharge screws (E), location visits viscosity engine size (the standard instructions viscosity levels, position the radiator, engine oil filter, No. the frame or engine .
IMPORTANT NOTE: There are 2 position water radiator tank cap (if you open must tighten the water radiator tank cap )
Actions lower cabin follow the reverse order (note then look around is lower)

11. Attention when welding make the body and add another equipment like use air tank
The work to be done before performing electrical welding work as follows: – Remove the battery poles out of the cool tone of the chassis – at the location in the cabin on the right (such as signage remove attached, unplug the power sprinkle ECU box,)
When adding other electrical equipment; hip car lights, side lights, GPS …….., to get the main source of battery and fuse to protect, – Only use the power cord of Hino as a control signal (for wire electrical power supply according to car lighting is not adequate enough for cars to other devices when fitted)
When you need to get a little vacuum (controlled PTO, ……….) . get in position control exhause valves (not to be taken in place of vacuum flasks used for brakes)

12. Operating the equipment on the truck (crane, dump track…)
When the trunk of specialized types are needed specialize in supplying parts that product manuals
But the need to pay attention when operating PTO: :
– When you start the engine for the engine run in idling speed then the left foot stepped on the clutch pedal, and then open the PTO switch or PTO control lever, and then release the clutch slowly until finish (then there can operate the manipulation of equipment)
When work is complete, the need to break out of the gearbox PTO (like manipulation but when installed PTO or joystick switch in the off position)
Note: If do not cut off the transmission PTO drive their vehicles on the road that will damage the PTO, operate specialized equipment and vehicle gearbox

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