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Immediately after the Covid-19 epidemic was under control, the series of “Safe driving & fuel saving – Eco Driving” programs of Hino Motors Vietnam has been restarted.

As a start of 2022, an event for 247 Express has been held on April 17 in Ho Chi Minh City with participation of 50 drivers. Following the success of this event, the program will be held in 3 locations: Da Nang, Can Tho and Hanoi, from now to May 2022.

Hino is one of the pioneering truck brands to encourage the application of Eco-Driving technology through the organization of training courses “Safe driving & fuel saving” held annually.

In order to drive smoothly and optimize operating costs, drivers will need to equip themselves with the skills of “Driving safely & saving fuel”, also known as “Eco- driving”. These are quite simple skills, easy to apply, but not all drivers are interested in practicing.

Correct and regular application of these skills will help businesses have the following benefits:

✔️ Reduce fuel consumption from 10 to 15%, reduce vehicle operating costs

✔️ Reduce maintenance and repair costs

✔️ Reducing negative impacts on the environment (pollution of exhaust gases and noise)

✔️ Increased safety when operating.

Main activities are as follows:

1. Guide drivers to driving safety techniques – Fuel economy

2. Guide the daily vehicle inspection on the vehicle

3. Answer the questions of customers and drivers

Some images in the program:

Chuyên mục bài viết là nơi bạn đọc gửi các bài viết của riêng mình đăng trên HINO. Bài viết được đăng sẽ được ghi rõ tên người gửi. Người gửi bài chịu trách nhiệm trước pháp luật về bản quyền của mình.

Hino sẽ biên tập nội dung nếu cần. Bài viết gửi về info@hino.vn. Mục này không có nhuận bút.

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